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'SPARC Architecture'에 해당되는 글 2건

  1. 2006.11.14
    SPARC Architecture에서 stack과 register의 이해
  2. 2006.11.14
    SPARC Architecture Assembly Language Programming, and C 4

Understanding stacks and registers in the Sparc architecture(s)

SUN사의 SPARC Architecture에서 Stack과 Register의 이해

출처 :

여기서 SPARC Architecture에서의 stack과 register를 이해하였음.


SPARC Architecture Assembly Language Programming, and C. 2nd Edition
-by Richard P.Paul

이 책은 RISC방식으로 설계된 SPARC Architecture상에서 기계어(Assembly Language)가 어떻게 짜여지고 C와 C++의 개념으로 효율적으로 SPARC Architecture에서 프로그램을 짜는지 쓴 것이다.
내가 다니고 있는 홍익대학교 컴퓨터공학과 2학년 전공과목인 어셈블리언어 및 실습 시간에 이 책을 가지고 배운다.
아래는 책 저자의 설명(

SPARC architecture is covered in this book from a programmer's perspective, making use of UNIX tools(the m4 macro processor; the as assembler; the gnu emacs editor; and the gdb debugger). Introductory material includes a formal definition of the von Neumann machine, its relationship to programmable calculators, and to the JAVA bytecode and JAVA virtual machine. The text is organized to allow readers to start programming in SPARC assembly language by the end of the Second Chapter. Frequent reference is made to C and C++ language constructs and their translation into SPARC assembly language. Chapters on control constructs, arrays, and structures give the reader an understanding of the complexity and cost of using various data and control structures in high-level languages. Chapters on floating point, traps, memory management, and other architectures provide optional course material. All necessary reference material, including the SPARC instruction set, is provided in the appendices.

The text is suitable for a one semester introductory course on computer architecture. It is also suitable for programmers who will be programming SPARC architecture machine in languages such as C and C++ and have concerns with computational efficiency.

This second edition of SPARC Architecture, Assembly Language Programming, & C includes the latest material on the new ULTRA SPARC architecture so that programmers may work with the latest developments in computer architecture.

이 책을 배우면서 C언어의 배열, 포인터 개념이 제대로 잡혀가는 것 같다.
어셈블리 언어가 배우긴 어렵지만 C언어를 배운 것을 토대로 배우니 생각보단 난이도가 어렵지 않다.

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