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'GTK+3'에 해당되는 글 3건

  1. 2011.10.02
    간단한 GTK+ 프로그램 작성
  2. 2011.10.01
    GTK+ 3 Reference Manual(GTK+ 3 레퍼런스 매뉴얼)
  3. 2011.10.01
    GTK+ 이란?

어제부터 GTK+ 3.0 Reference Manual을 주말마다 짬을 내어 올해안까지 번역해보자는 목표를 세워보았다.

이렇게 목표를 잡고 나서 간한단 GTK+ 프로그램을 C로 작성해보았다.
아래는 C소스코드입니다.

#include <gtk/gtk.h>

GtkWidget* build_label() {
    GtkWidget *label = gtk_label_new("Hello, World!");
    gtk_label_set_selectable(GTK_LABEL(label), FALSE);
    return label;

int main (int argc, char **argv)
    GtkWidget *win;

    gtk_init (&argc, &argv);

    win = gtk_window_new (GTK_WINDOW_TOPLEVEL);

    gtk_container_add(GTK_CONTAINER(win), build_label());
    gtk_window_resize(GTK_WINDOW(win), 300, 200);

    g_signal_connect(win, "destroy", G_CALLBACK(gtk_main_quit), NULL);

    gtk_widget_show_all (win);

    gtk_main ();
    return 0;

소스코드를 컴파일 하는 방법은, GTK+3.0 라이브러리가 설치되어야 하며, 아래와 같은 명령어를 작성하여 누르면 컴파일이 됩니다. 실행파일을 열면 아래와 같은 화면이 나옵니다.

gcc `pkg-config --cflags gtk+-3.0`  -o gtkmain gtkmain.c  `pkg-config --libs gtk+-3.0`

조만간 재미있는 GTK+용 프로그램이 나오겠지?ㅎㅎ


여기는 GTK+3 Reference Manual(GTK+ 3 레퍼런스 매뉴얼)의 한국어판 번역사이트입니다.

GTK+ 3 라이브러리, 버전 3.2.0를 위한 문서입니다. 최근 버전은 (영어, English)에서 찾을 수 있습니다. 만약 오래된 GTK+ 2 버전의 라이브러리를 찾으려면영어, English)를 방문하십시요.

GTK+ 3 Reference Manual

This document is for the GTK+ 3 library, version 3.2.0 . The latest versions can be found online at If you are looking for the older GTK+ 2 series of libraries, see

I. GTK+ Overview
Getting Started with GTK+
Compiling the GTK+ libraries — How to compile GTK+ itself
Compiling GTK+ Applications — How to compile your GTK+ application
Running GTK+ Applications — How to run and debug your GTK+ application
Using GTK+ on the X Window System — X11 aspects of using GTK+
Using GTK+ on Windows — Windows-specific aspects of using GTK+
Using GTK+ on Mac OS X — OS X-specific aspects of using GTK+
Mailing lists and bug reports — Getting help with GTK+
Common Questions — Find answers to common questions in the GTK+ manual
The GTK+ Drawing Model — The GTK+ drawing model in detail
II. GTK+ Core Reference
Main loop and Events — Library initialization, main event loop, and events
Version Information — Variables and functions to check the GTK+ version
Accelerator Groups — Groups of global keyboard accelerators for an entire GtkWindow
Accelerator Maps — Loadable keyboard accelerator specifications
Clipboards — Storing data on clipboards
Drag and Drop — Functions for controlling drag and drop handling
Stock Items — Prebuilt common menu/toolbar items and corresponding icons
Settings — Sharing settings between applications
Bindings — Key bindings for individual widgets
Standard Enumerations
Selections — Functions for handling inter-process communication via selections
Testing — Utilities for testing GTK+ applications
Filesystem utilities — Functions for working with GIO
III. Theming in GTK+
GtkStyleContext — Rendering UI elements
GtkCssProvider — CSS-like styling for widgets
GtkStyleProvider — Interface to provide style information to GtkStyleContext
GtkStyleProperties — Store for style property information
GtkThemingEngine — Theming renderers
GtkWidgetPath — Widget path abstraction
GtkSymbolicColor — Symbolic colors
GtkGradient — Gradients
GtkIconTheme — Looking up icons by name
Themeable Stock Images — Manipulating stock icons
GtkNumerableIcon — A GIcon that allows numbered emblems
Resource Files — Deprecated routines for handling resource files
GtkStyle — Deprecated object that holds style information for widgets
IV. GTK+ Widgets and Objects
Object Hierarchy
Widget Gallery
GtkDialog — Create popup windows
GtkInvisible — A widget which is not displayed
GtkMessageDialog — A convenient message window
GtkWindow — Toplevel which can contain other widgets
GtkWindowGroup — Limit the effect of grabs
GtkAboutDialog — Display information about an application
GtkAssistant — A widget used to guide users through multi-step operations
GtkOffscreenWindow — A toplevel to manage offscreen rendering of child widgets
Display Widgets
GtkAccelLabel — A label which displays an accelerator key on the right of the text
GtkImage — A widget displaying an image
GtkLabel — A widget that displays a small to medium amount of text
GtkProgressBar — A widget which indicates progress visually
GtkStatusbar — Report messages of minor importance to the user
GtkInfoBar — Report important messages to the user
GtkStatusIcon — Display an icon in the system tray
GtkSpinner — Show a spinner animation
Buttons and Toggles
GtkButton — A widget that creates a signal when clicked on
GtkCheckButton — Create widgets with a discrete toggle button
GtkRadioButton — A choice from multiple check buttons
GtkToggleButton — Create buttons which retain their state
GtkLinkButton — Create buttons bound to a URL
GtkScaleButton — A button which pops up a scale
GtkVolumeButton — A button which pops up a volume control
GtkSwitch — A "light switch" style toggle
GtkLockButton — A widget to unlock or lock privileged operations
Numeric/Text Data Entry
GtkEntry — A single line text entry field
GtkEntryBuffer — Text buffer for GtkEntry
GtkEntryCompletion — Completion functionality for GtkEntry
GtkScale — A slider widget for selecting a value from a range
GtkHScale — A horizontal slider widget for selecting a value from a range
GtkVScale — A vertical slider widget for selecting a value from a range
GtkSpinButton — Retrieve an integer or floating-point number from the user
GtkEditable — Interface for text-editing widgets
Multiline Text Editor
Text Widget Overview — Overview of GtkTextBuffer, GtkTextView, and friends
GtkTextIter — Text buffer iterator
GtkTextMark — A position in the buffer preserved across buffer modifications
GtkTextBuffer — Stores attributed text for display in a GtkTextView
GtkTextTag — A tag that can be applied to text in a GtkTextBuffer
GtkTextTagTable — Collection of tags that can be used together
GtkTextView — Widget that displays a GtkTextBuffer
Tree, List and Icon Grid Widgets
Tree and List Widget Overview — Overview of GtkTreeModel, GtkTreeView, and friends
GtkTreeModel — The tree interface used by GtkTreeView
GtkTreeSelection — The selection object for GtkTreeView
GtkTreeViewColumn — A visible column in a GtkTreeView widget
GtkTreeView — A widget for displaying both trees and lists
GtkTreeView drag-and-drop — Interfaces for drag-and-drop support in GtkTreeView
GtkCellView — A widget displaying a single row of a GtkTreeModel
GtkIconView — A widget which displays a list of icons in a grid
GtkTreeSortable — The interface for sortable models used by GtkTreeView
GtkTreeModelSort — A GtkTreeModel which makes an underlying tree model sortable
GtkTreeModelFilter — A GtkTreeModel which hides parts of an underlying tree model
GtkCellLayout — An interface for packing cells
GtkCellArea — An abstract class for laying out GtkCellRenderers
GtkCellAreaBox — A cell area that renders GtkCellRenderers into a row or a column
GtkCellAreaContext — Stores geometrical information for a series of rows in a GtkCellArea
GtkCellRenderer — An object for rendering a single cell
GtkCellEditable — Interface for widgets which can are used for editing cells
GtkCellRendererAccel — Renders a keyboard accelerator in a cell
GtkCellRendererCombo — Renders a combobox in a cell
GtkCellRendererPixbuf — Renders a pixbuf in a cell
GtkCellRendererProgress — Renders numbers as progress bars
GtkCellRendererSpin — Renders a spin button in a cell
GtkCellRendererText — Renders text in a cell
GtkCellRendererToggle — Renders a toggle button in a cell
GtkCellRendererSpinner — Renders a spinning animation in a cell
GtkListStore — A list-like data structure that can be used with the GtkTreeView
GtkTreeStore — A tree-like data structure that can be used with the GtkTreeView
Menus, Combo Box, Toolbar
GtkComboBox — A widget used to choose from a list of items
GtkComboBoxText — A simple, text-only combo box
GtkMenu — A menu widget
GtkMenuBar — A subclass of GtkMenuShell which holds GtkMenuItem widgets
GtkMenuItem — The widget used for item in menus
GtkImageMenuItem — A menu item with an icon
GtkRadioMenuItem — A choice from multiple check menu items
GtkCheckMenuItem — A menu item with a check box
GtkSeparatorMenuItem — A separator used in menus
GtkTearoffMenuItem — A menu item used to tear off and reattach its menu
GtkToolShell — Interface for containers containing GtkToolItem widgets
GtkToolbar — Create bars of buttons and other widgets
GtkToolItem — The base class of widgets that can be added to GtkToolShell
GtkToolPalette — A tool palette with categories
GtkToolItemGroup — A sub container used in a tool palette
GtkSeparatorToolItem — A toolbar item that separates groups of other toolbar items
GtkToolButton — A GtkToolItem subclass that displays buttons
GtkMenuToolButton — A GtkToolItem containing a button with an additional dropdown menu
GtkToggleToolButton — A GtkToolItem containing a toggle button
GtkRadioToolButton — A toolbar item that contains a radio button
Action-based menus and toolbars
GtkUIManager — Constructing menus and toolbars from an XML description
GtkActionGroup — A group of actions
GtkAction — An action which can be triggered by a menu or toolbar item
GtkToggleAction — An action which can be toggled between two states
GtkRadioAction — An action of which only one in a group can be active
GtkRecentAction — An action of which represents a list of recently used files
GtkActivatable — An interface for activatable widgets
Selectors (Color/File/Font)
GtkColorButton — A button to launch a color selection dialog
GtkColorSelectionDialog — A standard dialog box for selecting a color
GtkColorSelection — A widget used to select a color
GtkHSV — A 'color wheel' widget
GtkFileChooser — File chooser interface used by GtkFileChooserWidget and GtkFileChooserDialog
GtkFileChooserButton — A button to launch a file selection dialog
GtkFileChooserDialog — A file chooser dialog, suitable for "File/Open" or "File/Save" commands
GtkFileChooserWidget — File chooser widget that can be embedded in other widgets
GtkFileFilter — A filter for selecting a file subset
GtkFontButton — A button to launch a font chooser dialog
GtkFontChooser — Interface implemented by widgets displaying fonts
GtkFontChooserDialog — A dialog box for selecting fonts
GtkFontSelection — Deprecated widget for selecting fonts
GtkFontSelectionDialog — A dialog box for selecting fonts
Layout Containers
GtkGrid — Pack widgets in a rows and columns
GtkAlignment — A widget which controls the alignment and size of its child
GtkAspectFrame — A frame that constrains its child to a particular aspect ratio
GtkBox — A container box
GtkHBox — A horizontal container box
GtkVBox — A vertical container box
GtkButtonBox — A container for arranging buttons
GtkHButtonBox — A container for arranging buttons horizontally
GtkVButtonBox — A container for arranging buttons vertically
GtkFixed — A container which allows you to position widgets at fixed coordinates
GtkPaned — A widget with two adjustable panes
GtkHPaned — A container with two panes arranged horizontally
GtkVPaned — A container with two panes arranged vertically
GtkLayout — Infinite scrollable area containing child widgets and/or custom drawing
GtkNotebook — A tabbed notebook container
GtkTable — Pack widgets in regular patterns
GtkExpander — A container which can hide its child
GtkOverlay — A container which overlays widgets on top of each other
GtkOrientable — An interface for flippable widgets
GtkFrame — A bin with a decorative frame and optional label
GtkSeparator — A separator widget
GtkHSeparator — A horizontal separator
GtkVSeparator — A vertical separator
GtkScrollbar — A Scrollbar
GtkHScrollbar — A horizontal scrollbar
GtkVScrollbar — A vertical scrollbar
GtkScrolledWindow — Adds scrollbars to its child widget
GtkScrollable — An interface for scrollable widgets
GtkPrintOperation — High-level Printing API
GtkPrintContext — Encapsulates context for drawing pages
GtkPrintSettings — Stores print settings
GtkPageSetup — Stores page setup information
GtkPaperSize — Support for named paper sizes
GtkPrinter — Represents a printer
GtkPrintJob — Represents a print job
GtkPrintUnixDialog — A print dialog
GtkPageSetupUnixDialog — A page setup dialog
GtkAdjustment — A representation of an adjustable bounded value
GtkArrow — Displays an arrow
GtkCalendar — Displays a calendar and allows the user to select a date
GtkDrawingArea — A widget for custom user interface elements
GtkEventBox — A widget used to catch events for widgets which do not have their own window
GtkHandleBox — a widget for detachable window portions
GtkIMContextSimple — An input method context supporting table-based input methods
GtkIMMulticontext — An input method context supporting multiple, loadable input methods
GtkSizeGroup — Grouping widgets so they request the same size
GtkTooltip — Add tips to your widgets
GtkViewport — An adapter which makes widgets scrollable
GtkAccessible — Accessibility support for widgets
Abstract Base Classes
GtkWidget — Base class for all widgets
GtkContainer — Base class for widgets which contain other widgets
GtkBin — A container with just one child
GtkMenuShell — A base class for menu objects
GtkMisc — Base class for widgets with alignments and padding
GtkRange — Base class for widgets which visualize an adjustment
GtkIMContext — Base class for input method contexts
Cross-process Embedding
GtkPlug — Toplevel for embedding into other processes
GtkSocket — Container for widgets from other processes
Recently Used Documents
GtkRecentManager — Managing recently used files
GtkRecentChooser — Interface implemented by widgets displaying recently used files
GtkRecentChooserDialog — Displays recently used files in a dialog
GtkRecentChooserMenu — Displays recently used files in a menu
GtkRecentChooserWidget — Displays recently used files
GtkRecentFilter — A filter for selecting a subset of recently used files
Choosing from installed applications
GtkAppChooser — Interface implemented by widgets for choosing an application
GtkAppChooserButton — A button to launch an application chooser dialog
GtkAppChooserDialog — An application chooser dialog
GtkAppChooserWidget — Application chooser widget that can be embedded in other widgets
Interface builder
GtkBuildable — Interface for objects that can be built by GtkBuilder
GtkBuilder — Build an interface from an XML UI definition
Application support
GtkApplication — Application class
V. Migrating from Previous Versions of GTK+
Migration Checklist
Implement GtkWidget::popup_menu
Use GdkEventExpose.region
Test for modifier keys correctly
Use named icons
Migrating from GTK+ 2.x to GTK+ 3
Preparation in GTK+ 2.x
Do not include individual headers
Do not use deprecated symbols
Use accessor functions instead of direct access
Replace GDK_<keyname> with GDK_KEY_<keyname>
Use GIO for launching applications
Use cairo for drawing
Changes that need to be done at the time of the switch
Replace size_request by get_preferred_width/height
Replace GdkRegion by cairo_region_t
Replace GdkPixmap by cairo surfaces
Replace GdkColormap by GdkVisual
GdkDrawable is gone
Event filtering
Backend-specific code
GtkPlug and GtkSocket
The GtkWidget::draw signal
GtkProgressBar orientation
Check your expand and fill flags
Scrolling changes
GtkObject is gone
GtkEntryCompletion signal parameters
Resize grips
Prevent mixed linkage
Install GTK+ modules in the right place
Theming changes
Migrating themes
Migrating theme engines
Extending the CSS parser
Using the CSS file format
A checklist for widgets
Parsing of custom resources
Bonus points
Migrating from libunique to GApplication or GtkApplication
Commands and Messages
Migrating from other containers to GtkGrid
GtkBox versus GtkGrid: packing
GtkBox versus GtkGrid: sizing
GtkBox versus GtkGrid: spacing
VI. GTK+ Tools
gtk-query-immodules-3.0 — Input method module registration utility
gtk-update-icon-cache — Icon theme caching utility
Index of all symbols
Index of deprecated symbols
Index of new symbols in 3.0
Index of new symbols in 3.2
Annotation Glossary

'GTK+ 3 Reference' 카테고리의 다른 글

GTK+ 이란?  (0) 2011.10.01

GTK+김프 툴킷(GIMP Toolkit)의 준말로, 초기에 김프를 위해서 만든 툴킷이었으며 X 윈도 시스템을 위한 위젯 툴킷 가운데 하나이다. GTK+와 Qt모티프에 대한 좋은 대안이 되어 주었다. GTK+는 1997년 Spencer Kimball, Peter Mattis, 조시 맥도널드(Josh MacDonald)가 함께 만든 것이다. 그들은 모두 UC 버클리에 있는 eXperimental Computing Facility (XCF) 소속이었다. LGPL로 라이선스되었기 때문에, GTK+는 자유 소프트웨어이자 오픈 소스 소프트웨어이고, GNU 프로젝트의 일부분이다.

wiki page 참조[한글]

What is GTK+

GTK+ is a multi-platform toolkit for creating graphical user interfaces. Offering a complete set of widgets, GTK+ is suitable for projects ranging from small one-off tools to complete application suites.

GTK+ has been designed from the ground up to support a range of languages, not only C/C++. Using GTK+ from languages such as Perl and Python (especially in combination with the Glade GUI builder) provides an effective method of rapid application development.

GTK+ is free software and part of the GNU Project. However, the licensing terms for GTK+, the GNU LGPL, allow it to be used by all developers, including those developing proprietary software, without any license fees or royalties. GTK+ is the only 100% free-of-cost open source industrial-strength GUI toolkit available today.

Since its origins as the toolkit for the GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP), GTK+ has been used in a wide range of software. Notably, GTK+ is the foundation of the GNOME desktop.

'GTK+ 3 Reference' 카테고리의 다른 글

GTK+ 3 Reference Manual(GTK+ 3 레퍼런스 매뉴얼)  (0) 2011.10.01

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